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AbstractRolesAuthorizationDelegate - Class in org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common
Policy enforcement point for roles-based authentication
AbstractRolesAuthorizationDelegate() - Constructor for class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AbstractRolesAuthorizationDelegate
AccessRoles - Class in org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common
RESTful interface to create and manage access roles
AccessRoles() - Constructor for class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles
Default JAX-RS entry point
AccessRoles(String) - Constructor for class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles
Create a new FedoraNodes instance for a given path
AccessRolesProvider - Class in org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common
Provides the effective access roles for authorization.
AccessRolesProvider() - Constructor for class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRolesProvider
AccessRolesResources - Class in org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common
Exposes access roles endpoint for any resource.
AccessRolesResources() - Constructor for class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRolesResources
AccessRolesTypes - Class in org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common
AccessRolesTypes() - Constructor for class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRolesTypes
AUTHZ_DETECTION - Static variable in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AbstractRolesAuthorizationDelegate


BasicRolesAuthorizationDelegate - Class in org.fcrepo.auth.roles.basic
BasicRolesAuthorizationDelegate() - Constructor for class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.basic.BasicRolesAuthorizationDelegate


Constants - Class in org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common
Reference values for access roles node types and paths.
Constants.JcrName - Enum in org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common
Authorization JCR names
createModelForResource(FedoraResource, UriInfo, IdentifierConverter<Resource, FedoraResource>) - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRolesResources


DEFAULT_ACCESS_ROLES - Static variable in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRolesProvider
deleteNodeType() - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles
Delete the access roles and node type.
deleteRoles(Node) - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRolesProvider
Deletes all roles assigned on this node and removes the mixin type.


externalPath - Variable in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles


findRolesForPath(Path, Session) - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRolesProvider
Finds effective roles assigned to a path, using first real ancestor node.


get(String) - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles
Retrieve the roles assigned to each principal on this specific path.
getExpanded() - Method in enum org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.Constants.JcrName
Get the fully qualified name of this JCR type.
getProperty() - Method in enum org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.Constants.JcrName
Get the property for this URI.
getQualified() - Method in enum org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.Constants.JcrName
Get the qualified name of this JCR type.
getRoles(Node, boolean) - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRolesProvider
Get the roles assigned to this Node.


hasPermission(Session, Path, String[]) - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AbstractRolesAuthorizationDelegate


identifierTranslator - Variable in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles


NS_PREFIX - Static variable in enum org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.Constants.JcrName
NS_URI - Static variable in enum org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.Constants.JcrName


org.fcrepo.auth.roles.basic - package org.fcrepo.auth.roles.basic
org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common - package org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common


post(Map<String, Set<String>>) - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles
Apply new role assignments at the specified node.
postRoles(Node, Map<String, Set<String>>) - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRolesProvider
Assigns the given set of roles to each principal.


registerPrefixes(Session) - Static method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.Constants
Adds access roles prefix "authz" to the given session.
request - Variable in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles
resolveUserRoles(Map<String, List<String>>, Set<Principal>) - Static method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AbstractRolesAuthorizationDelegate
Gather effectives roles
resource - Variable in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles
resource() - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles
rolesHavePermission(Session, String, String[], Set<String>) - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.basic.BasicRolesAuthorizationDelegate
rolesHavePermission(Session, String, String[], Set<String>) - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AbstractRolesAuthorizationDelegate
Subclasses must override this method to determine permissions based on supplied roles.


servletResponse - Variable in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles
session - Variable in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles
setUpRepositoryConfiguration() - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRolesTypes
Initialize, register role assignment node types.


toString() - Method in enum org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.Constants.JcrName
translator() - Method in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles


uriInfo - Variable in class org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.AccessRoles


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.Constants.JcrName
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum org.fcrepo.auth.roles.common.Constants.JcrName
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
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